Collaborations between artists from different disciplines can often result in unique and exciting works of art. In this case the combination of Tiller's Folly's folk and roots music with Joel Hanna's singing, percussion and dancing expertise makes for a captivating and multidimensional experience. 

“Tiller's Folly” has been a prominent figure in the International folk music scene since their formation in 1997. Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, the band consists of Bruce Coughlan (vocals, guitar and award-winning songwriting), Nolan Murray (award winning multi-instrumentalist), and Laurence Knight (bass, producer, and vocals). Their sound, a blend of Celtic, bluegrass, and Americana influences, is well-known for its rich harmonies, skilled instrumentals, and exceptional talent for storytelling through music. 

“Joel Hanna”, a world-renowned musician and dancer, adds a new dimension to the collaboration. With his soulful voice and expressive performances, Joel's talents as a vocalist, percussionist and dancer create a mesmerizing and immersive experience. While his dancing expertise elevates the visual element of the live performances, his emotive singing style resonates deeply with the audience.

(songsmith, multi-instrumentalist & storyteller ) 

Bruce is a true bard (a collector of songs) and the founding member of The Tiller’s Folly. A career performer, touring throughout the Western Canada since his teens, Bruce has developed a keen knowledge of the history of the Pacific region, while obtaining a solid background in performing and music. His love and passion for the characters and tales of the Pacific Northwest has proven fertile ground for his exceptional songwriting and singing skills. 

Bruce is a  multifaceted talent destined for recognition as a great Canadian songwriter/storyteller in a class with Stan Rogers or Gordon Lightfoot

(Irish dancer, martial artist, choreographer, percussionist & singer)

Called “one of the most exciting dancers to ever step on the world stage,” Joel Hanna is a world-renowned dancer and choreographer whose skill set is as impressive and diverse as his resume. Known for his athletic and boundary-breaking mixture of tap dance, musical percussion, Irish dance, and martial arts, Hanna has already lived something of an entertainment fairy tale. 

He has travelled the world sharing his love for dance through performing, choreographing, and teaching, and his resume is loaded with crowning achievements. 

(producer, bass & vocals) 

Laurence is a musician with an incredible depth of over 40 years of performing and recording experience, during which time he has performed with many of the brightest lights of the Vancouver music scene. He has also had the opportunity to produce and record with numerous artists. Laurence’s first encounter with Bruce goes back some 30 years when he was hired as a session player on one of Bruce’s early projects.

(fiddle, mandolin, mandocaster, 5-string banjo, viola, guitar & more) 

Nolan has a long history as a multi-instrumentalist gun-for-hire who at an early age, parlayed an impressive list of championships into a touring/recording career that has spanned decades. 

Throughout that time, he’s left his musical imprint with a long list of iconic performers including Loretta Lynn, Brenda Lee, John Fogerty ,The Irish Rovers, Randy Travis, John Cowan, Ricky Van Shelton, David Frizzell, Patricia Conroy, Gary Fjellgaard, Jess Lee, Funk Brother’s Bob Babbitt, Wrecking Crew’s Larry Knechtel.