"It's All About the Song"

Even as a child, I remember being transported by song. A good song can paint pictures in your mind, but what’s more, a good song can connect us with our  humanity and our feelings. I strive to create music that does that.

I hope you find my music authentic. Whether I’m singing a traditional Celtic ballad or an original Rhythm & Blues tune, I try to approach each song with sincerity, to obtain intimacy with each song. To immerse myself and draw you in with me.

I hope you will experience my music from your own perspective, letting the words reflect your own experiences and your own truth, and that in the end, we connect on that level. – Cheers!

About Bruce

My musical coming of age took place in 1972, when I was 11 years old. I bought my first electric guitar…



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What is it about songs that allows them to have such an impact on us? Throughout history and even before…

Testimonials & Reviews

Bruce Coughlan brought a master-craftsman’s performance to our Belladrum Festival stage, with an authenticity born out of a deep love of Roots music.

– Rob Ellen, Programmer
Potting Shed Stage, Belladrum

It is the common place things that occur almost unnoticed which Coughlan brings to conscious thought that makes us appreciate the beauty that we might have otherwise missed.

– Nancy Vivolo, Victory Review

His words and melodies are at once populist, minimally produced and poignant while at the same time singularly powerful and sincere.

– Tom May, River City Folk (NPR)