The Humours of Ireland

As a descendant of Irish emigrants, like many Canadians I still identify as “Irish”. What I connect most strongly with is Irish Music. From its driving rhythms and haunting melodies to its stirring ballads, it is a music steeped in history, forged of hardship, struggle, hunger and pain. Yet, Irish Music endures as a vibrant testament to a people willing to celebrate their humanity, to embrace all of life’s beauty, frailty, sorrow, joy & adventure with a fierce determination.

For generations, Ireland’s sons and daughters have scattered throughout the world, their music drifting like seeds on the wind and taking hold where it will.

To help celebrate the spirit of Irish Music, I’ve invited my friend, and world-renowned Irish Dancer, Joel Hanna to join me. The New York Times calls him “Utterly Winning” with his “Tapping at the speed of awesome” which might give you just a hint of what you can expect.