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Since recording his first LP in 1984, Bruce has recorded 14 albums of original and adapted traditional music across a broad range of the Roots Music genre. Authentic, soulful and intelligent music performed by real musicians on real instruments, recorded in state-of-the-art studios, with world-class producers & engineers. In the span of his career, he has released music on vinyl, (back when it was all there was) cassette, compact disc and now through streaming and downloads.

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Go The Road - Tiller's Folly (2012)

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The title song was inspired in part by Ewan MacColl’s brilliant song, Freeborn Man and the title Go the Road is a phrase borrowed from Frank Delaney’s magical book Ireland. The term describes the life of an itinerant storyteller who wanders the countryside, staying with people who will feed him and give shelter in exchange for telling stories.

The story mirrors in many ways, my own. Having left home at an early age, I made my way by busking on the streets of Vancouver, Canada. Since that time, I’ve literally gone the road, performing, touring, recording and always, always writing. Now, after more than three decades of pursuit, I’ve found my voice in the roots music genre.

Sharing, supporting and nurturing the ever-evolving Tillers Folly sound are long-time road-mates, and band-mates Laurence Knight and Nolan Murray. Together, these three friends form the tight-knit core of their many exciting musical adventures, easily adapting to, and interacting with a long line of creative characters in a myriad of musical genres.

In recording Go the Road, Tillers Folly invited some truly inspired (and even iconic) artists to share in the recording. The exceptional support they received, both musically and spiritually throughout the project has deemed this recording a huge success already and it hasn’t been released yet.

  • Bruce Coughlan 2012
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