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Since recording his first LP in 1984, Bruce has recorded 14 albums of original and adapted traditional music across a broad range of the Roots Music genre. Authentic, soulful and intelligent music performed by real musicians on real instruments, recorded in state-of-the-art studios, with world-class producers & engineers. In the span of his career, he has released music on vinyl, (back when it was all there was) cassette, compact disc and now through streaming and downloads.

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A River So Wide - Tiller's Folly (2007)

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In A River So Wide, Tiller’s Folly revisit early acoustic rock music influences. The listener will be reminded of the innovative work of 1970s rock visionaries like Rod Stewart, Van Morrison, John Fogerty, Blind Faith, Beatles, Eagles, etc. Acoustic driven pop music with a nostalgic twist. The lyrics in A River So Wide are increasingly more introspective rather than biographical, lending a new dynamic to the Tiller’s Folly pallet.

Unlike previous recordings, A River So Wide was written and arranged on the road, and the songs have been tested in a variety of live performance situations. Arrangements have evolved through a process of trial, error, and repetition. A River So Wide will feature a five-piece Tiller’s lineup, which includes long-time friend and drummer, Chris Nordquist.

A River So Wide is co-produced between Tiller’s bassist Laurence Knight (who produced Tiller’s first four albums) and Steven Drake, (The Odds), a Juno Award winning producer renowned for his nostalgic (1960s – 70s) production sensibilities.

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