• RELEASE DATE /July 1st, 2006
  • CATALOG /628740802427
  • LABEL /Independent
  • FORMAT /Digital / CD

Liner Notes

Bruce Coughlanguitar, vocals
Recorded and mixed by Eric Reed at NAL Studios, North Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Mastered by Jamie Sitar.
Photos by Erik Prosser
Graphics and design by Bruce Coughlan

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Few words

Irish music recordings were very popular in the Coughlan household while I was growing up. Dad would tap his feet, and mom would sing harmonies while she did the housework. For a 6th generation Canadian of Irish decent, Irish music instilled in me a feeling of cultural identity, of belonging, and a sense of history, which I’ve carried with me to this day.

When I began performing professionally at the age of sixteen, my first gigs were playing Irish music in pubs throughout Western Canada. Although my musical journey since that time has taken me through the gamut of musical styles, my heart remains tied first and foremost, to Celtic music.

The reason for recording The Wild Bird’s Nest was to celebrate a forty-year love affair with Irish music. I’ve chosen a dozen of my favourite ballads and adapted them based on over three decades of musical experience. Many of these adaptations vary widely from the more traditional renditions, and have taken on a contemporary flavour; still, it is my intention that these songs maintain their true essence and timeless beauty. It is my sincere hope that I’ve achieved this goal, and that you will enjoy this recording.


– Bruce Coughlan, 2006