My first recording session I was just 16-years old

The year was 1977 and I had been jamming with some local Langley, BC musicians (most of them twice my age). We had done a handful of weekend  gigs and I had saved every penny. So, with Gordy Dick on drums, Joe McDonal on keys, and Gord Beilke on steel guitar, I booked time at Halcaro Recorders in Surrey, BC to record a song I had written called Yesterday’s News. How I wish I could hear that recording today!

There were 2 x 8-track Tascam recorders w/ a ‘sinc’ kit. It all seems very barbaric by today’s standards. There’s been a lot of changes in technology since then and I’ve encountered them all. I’ve released music on vinyl, (back when it was all we had) cassette, compact disc and now through streaming and downloads.

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