Chapter Six

Identifying Values

So far, we’ve mostly addressed the rudiments of songwriting: rhythm, melody, structure, etc. and by now I would hope you’ve begun to recognise & piece together those concepts into a theoretical overview of songwriting theory.

Identifying values as they exist in other songs should lead you to a keener understanding of song craft with all of its many facets.


Once you’re acquainted with these few basic concepts, they will help guide you to a deeper understanding of the songwriting craft.


Chapter 1: Power of Song

Chapter 2: Evolution of Song

Chapter 3: Song Structure

Chapter 4: Basics of Rhythm

Chapter 5: Intervals

Chapter 6: Identifying Values

Chapter 7: Drama

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Chapter 8: The Pocket

Chapter 9: Lyric Writing

Chapter 10: Engagement

Chapter 11: Lyric Phrasing

Chapter 12: The Process