Celtic Music


Celtic Music was my first love. When I was growing up, my Dad had a collection of Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem LPs (among others). Even as a toddler I was intrigued by the stories, the poetic nature of the language and by the sincerity of the delivery. When I was six, he took me to see the Clancy’s show at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver. It was a defining moment in my young life.

Ever since then I’ve been drawn to the sound of fiddles, whistles, pipes and drums, but it’s the traditional songs (ballads) that really capture my heart. The timelessness in their message, the simple magic in their melodies and the history they convey. To me, it’s like stepping aboard a time-machine.

Here’s the Traditional Folksinger in me, interpreting these timeless gems:


I’ve watched and listened throughout my lifetime as Celtic Music has evolved from a simple Folk style, to a highly sophisticated musical form with some very virtuosic practitioners. I’ve tried to capture the essence of Celtic Music in my own writing and I’ve always had a lot of fun playing, arranging and adapting traditional music.

Here’s some samples of how Celtic Music manifests itself through my Progressive Roots lens.