Address to Robbie Burns

I have always admired the works of Robbie Burns and have taken pains to decode much of the broad Scots vernacular in which it’s so brilliantly framed.  I have performed dozens of Burns dinners, led the tartan throngs singing Auld Lang Syne, Ae Fond Kiss & The Star o’ Rabbie Burns, and have on rare occasions, amidst all the pipes, pomp & circumstance, been permitted to address the hallowed haggis!

Still, my mind begged for context. Who was Robbie Burns in his own time?

A man of modest means, possessed of “mither wit and native fire” Burns’ words themselves reveal much about the man, his humility, humanity, passion, compassion, humour & insight.

Please join me in song & verse as I address Robbie Burns, his dramatic life, tragic death and how he emerged as a cultural icon and champion for the common man.