The Introduction

The purpose of this video series is to provide a simple overview of songwriting theory, as well as identifying a number of strategies you can use to help create your most engaging songs.

We’re going to break down the components of a well-crafted song. We’ll look at everything from basic music theory, song structure, composition and lyric writing. We’ll cover the application of nuance to create drama and intrigue.

Once you’re acquainted with these few basic concepts, they will help guide you to a deeper understanding of the songwriting craft.


Chapter 1: Power of Song

Chapter 2: Evolution of Song

Chapter 3: Song Structure

Chapter 4: Basics of Rhythm

Chapter 5: Intervals

Chapter 6: Identifying Values

Chapter 7: Drama

Coming Soon!

Chapter 8: The Pocket

Chapter 9: Lyric Writing

Chapter 10: Engagement

Chapter 11: Lyric Phrasing

Chapter 12: The Process