Recorded live on November 1st 2017 at Hubcast Studios with an intimate group of friends in attendance, Bruce Coughlan (guitar & vocals), Laurence Knight (bass & vocals) and Nolan Murray (fiddle, mandolin & mandocaster) performed music from their nine albums.

On hand to help mark the occasion, Bruce, Laurence and Nolan were joined on stage by Tiller’s alumni Mike Sanyshyn (fiddle, mandolin & vocals) and Eric Reed (electric guitar, mandolin & vocals) A pay-per-view window (the entire month of March) will accompany the release of the live DVD. 


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It was so incredible touring in November 2017 with the cast of the Great Canadian Songbook, a review highlighting some of the greatest and most recognizably Canadian songs, both past and present.

Working alongside Ken Lavigne, Diyet and my bandmates from Tiller’s Folly, we’ve woven stories & music to created a tribute the most quintessential of Canadian music: Leonard Cohen, Stan Rogers, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Buffy St. Marie, Anne Murray & Stomp'in Tom Connors in addition to contemporary artists including the Bare Naked Ladies, Blue Rodeo.

The show is currently booking it's 2018/2019 season. Contact the Maverick Cooperative