I’ve lived a life in music since my early teens when I first began busking on the streets of Vancouver, Canada.

For the past 40+ years, I have earned my living entirely as a performer. I’ve toured coffee houses, concert halls & festivals throughout North America & the United Kingdom. I’ve played every kind of gig in-between.

I’m a recording/performing artist (vocalist, musician, front-man, story teller & compere) and a songsmith (composer, arranger, lyricist & adapter). In my career, I’ve literally performed thousands of songs in dozens of styles for millions of people.

With the upcoming release of my new solo recording Waiting for Rain, I will be emerging as an Acoustic Soul Music artist.


Waiting for Rain draws on a lifetime of experience. It is retrospective, nostalgic and Bluesy in nature, while highlighting my ability as songsmith, vocalist and classical (nylon string) guitarist.

"His words and melodies are at once populist, minimally produced and poignant while at the same time singularly powerful and sincere".  - Tom May, River City Folk (NPR)